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Second one, a year later!?

Wow, I didn’t think I’d start this lil thing and then abandon it for a whole year!  I guess I got shy and never returned to write about our situation.  That will hopefully change and this will become a regular thing.  My “relationship” with my roomy/ex is still pretty much the same– we are still exes and still roommates and are currently  living in our 2nd place together as exes.  Yep, we had the chance to flee when our landlord needed us to move before Christmas but the timing was terrible and it was just easier to move into an apartment down the street. Together. An apartment that was month to month so we could “just get through the holidays” and then find other places.  Well, it’s summer and the holidays have been over and we’re still here.  Together.  Um, yeah, what’s this blog called again??

I’ll be rewinding my memory reel and posting some stories of the past year and recent things that make living with your ex very interesting… Stay tuned if you’re out there!!


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