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Current relationship status

I have neglected this blog!!  I keep thinking I will come to it and just write and write and write away about my adventures in living with the ex, but I got a little stage fright.  Things will be shaky at first until I find my comfort level and tone.  Bear with me!

***That above draft was written weeks ago when I thought I have NOTHING going on….. Now there are boys, lots of cute boys rotating in my life right now.  However the “star” of the blog has been MIA, and dating the cute boys has been a breeze without the roomy around…  He’s back tonight (he is a grad student in a small town  45 min south of the big city where we live, so it makes sense for him to stay down there, a longer post on that is coming next!) and we haven’t had a non-text chat in over a month!

Let’s get this  blog rolling again!!  I plan on doing some current status posts to fill in the details of “our” current situation!




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