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My how things have changed….

A week and half after I wrote the previous post update I had no idea I’d be meeting my current beau, so this blog took a whole new turn after that night and the ex once again disappeared for months as this new relationship unfolded! Here’s the story… And it’s a long one!

That Friday after the post, I had tickets to watch my ex’s alma mater play a local team. I grew up in the area of his college and love college basketball so I wanted to join! This was our first outing in over a month. We were meeting with some people I knew from back home that also went to the same college and wanted to pre-drink at a bar nearby. I nearly missed the meet-up due to work always getting out late and thank god I hustled to make it! The ex and I arrive and we sit with the crew and I notice how the bar is littered with the colors of the back home team. I glance around looking for cute boys like I always do and see a few but then focus on my friends and beer. Next thing I know a gal at the table is talking across the table to a guy leaning at the bar who was wearing the college tee. I look up and wowza, he was cute! And from my home state! (which usually is a turnoff, I hate it back home, but thousands of miles away it’s different!) I yell “Come sit by me!!”. He comes over I immediately drill him with questions and learn her just moved here. Then I intro him to people including my ex and as I do so I add, “we’re not together” (complete with a hand gesture that hometown hottie loves to mimic to this day). Yep, I said that in front of the ex. I had to. So hometown hottie gets to the part where he explains why he moves here…for a girl. Errrrrrrr. Thud. (that’s the sound of me hitting the brakes when I hear that and then my hopes dropping as well) So I laid off. When it was time for him to go on the game he starts getting numbers. I perk up and lean over with a “get mine too, get mine too”. I think I was tipsy.  He leaves, the ex and I head to arena soon after and I can’t stop thinking about hometown hottie…so I text him to see where he was sitting. Man, I used to be so breezy! We go back and forth during game and then decide to meet up at bar near my house and close-ish to his ‘hood later on. What happens next is very fuzzy…. Ex and I return home and he promptly passes out and I start drunk calling hometown hottie (outside of course, didn’t want ex to hear me put the moves on the guy we just met) and plan to meet up in minutes. Fast forward to 5:30am when I wake up fully clothed, lights on, space heating going, and a phone full of missed calls and messages….oops. I was for sure he was over it!!!! I immediately sent out tons of apology texts. Then fell back asleep. We ended up texting that morning and no problems, just laughs. I talked him into meeting me that night to watch the local NBA team play. He did and I decided he had to be mine. He explained about the gal he was dating….they met at a concert, he didn’t move here for her– she just inspired him, it didn’t sound serious, she left town after her arrived bc she had no apartment (sketch), etc….Basically made me feel confident I could win him over. I am not a home wrecker and have been cheated on so I was keeping things very slow, but also showed that I was interested…

Longgggg story short he broke up with her and we immediately started dating. And he stayed with me, a lot. His rental was shitty (he moved here blindly) and my ex wasn’t in town so it worked out. Randomly the apartment one up from mt became available and now we are neighbors. Yep I am flanked between my ex and my current boyfriend. That is now where this lil blog of my will be going….

More posts to come about:

-telling the ex

-the day they met again

-living arrangements

-and general musings about my relationships with the boys


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